Glory to God in the Highest

Angels We Have Heard on High Angels we have heard on highSweetly singing over the plainsAnd the mountains in reply,Echoing their joyous strains.Glo-ori-aIn excelsis de-oGlo-ori-aIn excelsis de-o Shepherds, why this Jubilee?Why your joyous strains prolong?What the gladsome tidings beWhich inspire your heavenly song?Glo-ori-aIn excelsis de-oGlo-ori-aIn excelsis de-o Come to Bethlehem and seeHim whose birth the angels sing;Come, adore on bended kneeChrist, the Lord,The newborn KingGlo-ori-aIn excelsis de-oGlo-ori-aIn excelsis de-o See Him in a manger laidJesus, Lord of heaven and earth!Mary, Joseph, lend your aid,With us sing our Savior’s birth.Glo-ori-aIn excelsis de-oGlo-ori-aIn excelsis de-o

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For those of you who’d like to read a bit about the JCF retreat, check out Laura Popp’s blog! Thank you, Laura!


Here is a link to my home church’s semons. I hope they will be as inspiring and entertaining to everyone else as they have been to me over the years. – Carter Scott

Links ~ from beckywithasmile ^_^

Here are some sites I’ve used/look cool: My home church’s sermons – I have a pastor at home who is always challenging my faith with his sermons. I love that he his going through this stuff just like the rest of us. Boundless webzine – Some books online in pdf form:

Surviving in Japan

One of our JCF-ers, Ashley Thompson, has shared a link to her site that newbies (and old)  can find pretty helpful! It has a lot of useful info and how-to’s that can make adjusting to Japan life easier. Go click it! ^_^