Overcomers Overcoming

THE week before the most recent JCF retreat in Kobe, three separate people emailed me reminding me to be aware of spiritual resistance in Japan. At the same time, Ive been reading a book that a friend randomly gave me: Warfare Prayer by C. Peter Wagner. Not surprisingly, the theme of the JCF retreat this past weekend just so happened to be “Overcomers Overcoming”. In my small group we discussed a feeling of spiritual “disconnectedness” from the reality of God, which all three of us have encountered over the past year. Not only was it encouraging simply to hear that others are encountering similar challenges, but I felt convinced that God […]

Blessings and Guardrails

In November 2013 I attended my third JCF Retreat. When I first came to Japan in August 2012, I was really excited about practicing my Christian faith in Japan. My relationship with God was the most important thing in my life and I intended to take every opportunity to share His love with others. Over time, my zeal cooled a bit, especially as the novelty and challenge of living in Japan wore off. More and more, I became busily occupied with an exhausting social schedule. I found that my interest in prayer waned as I became increasingly tired and distracted by “fun”. A few times throughout the year, I vaguely […]

Kobe Regional Retreat

Kobe Regional Retreat will be April 28th-30th (Saturday-Monday). We will be studying the Bible, worshipping, and having a great time in fellowship with other Christians in Japan. We will be staying at a besso-style house on Mt. Rokko. The closest train stations are Rokko on the Hankyu Line and Rokkomichi on the JR Line. Registration will start at the end of February. The registration fee is ¥10,000.

The JCF Retreat Message – A Good Reminder

by Aaron Peterson   “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” – Dr. Johnson, as quoted by C.S. Lewis     At this most recent JCF Retreat, the speaker, Seth Philip, expounded on the Book of Romans. And while I have read the Book of Romans before, I was reminded of some very important truths.   First, I was reminded that I must have God as my God. Oftentimes, we say that we are doing things for God, and then we focus so much on the things themselves that we lose sight of God. This had happened to me. I was so concerned with helping […]


GOD STORY by Deborah Ruth Trotter   You are the God who gives everyone a story Not just a pattern of ritual and obligation But a living relationship of Your love overflowing And bubbling over to the people around You are the God who gives hope to the hopeless You bring new joy when we can’t find it ourselves You fill our hearts with Your love never-ending That overflows more than we can contain on our own You are the God who meets us where we’re at You extend grace and forgiveness and free us to live new a way No longer slaves to the things that destroyed us And […]

JCF Tohoku Summer Retreat

“The Lord has done great things for us! We are glad!” – Psalm 126:3 Tohoku’s lush greenery welcomed the 21 campers from eight prefectures to worship and commune with God and to fellowship with one another at the Aomori Christian Center on July 16-18. The three-day retreat was focused on the attributes of God and the practical measures Christians can do to fearlessly make a stand in their beliefs and to encourage other believers to do so. Pastor John Elliot, the speaker has been serving the Japanese and foreign community alike through their chapel, college and camp ministries for over 25 years. He and his wife, Laurie, are missionaries with […]

Reflecting on the JCF Winter Retreat – Matthew Turner, Nagano Prefecture

Greetings all ye’ curious readers out there. My name is Matthew Turner; I’m a first-year ALT based in the beautiful city of Shinano-machi in Nagano prefecture. Having recently come off the infamous JCF retreat, I was asked to articulate my impressions / thoughts about the event. I’ll be perfectly honest—I did not have high expectations for the retreat. This would be an event run by a bunch of people roughly my age; so, while it was possible, I did not expect there to be any particularly deep spiritual insights or to hear very much information that was completely new. Thankfully, however, I recognized my need for sincere Christian fellowship superseded […]

JCF Winter Retreat 2011 – Laura J. Popp

(For more, here’s Laura’s Blog!) This may be a little late, but I just wanted to talk about what an amazing experience I had at the JCF retreat at Megumi Chalet (Grace House) in Kurizawa, Nagano! First, we played games to get to know each other. It was a good-sized group, about thirty, and it was great to be with people, both Japanese and non-Japanese, passionate about missions in Japan, not to mention worship in English for a change. We sang some modern classics like “You Are My All in All” as well as some not so familiar but equally beautiful pieces, such as “Grace Like Rain.” Here`s a picture of […]