Yearend Reflections

With only a couple of days left for the year 2012, it’s important to spend some time to reflect on the days that have gone by. You will learn valuable insights from experiences and lessons learned. Here some questions to help you reflect on your walk with God this past year. This reflection will help propel you to step more confidently to the new year. So grab a hot cup of tea and journal in. Because of this past year, what do you believe is your purpose? What is one word that describes your relationship with God this year? Where did you find the most peace and calm this year? […]

’Twas the Year of the Census

by John Popp   ’Twas the year of the census and all through the region the people were scared of the great Roman legion. The emperor was bored; he breathed with a sigh. Then he had a great thought, a thought that was sly. “Have the people all counted, close, far, and wide, to increase their taxes, my fortune, my pride.” “This is bad news,” said the advisor to the king. “There are too many. How could we do such a thing? We can’t count them now!  We don’t know who they are. People have moved, some close, but some far.” “To keep the count true, the people must travel […]